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FDJ Rifftastic southern metal with a blues edge.
Tight bass and drums lay the foundation for the clean but gritty vocals while all the time the guitars grind out dirty riffs and squealing blues flecked solos. Great stuff! Favorite track: (You Need To) Find your Way.
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released January 21, 2014



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Spiritual Void Rio, Brazil

Spiritual Void was formed in June 2012 with the idea of Thiago Norvico (vocal), Wendell Lavor (guitar) and Roger Avlis (guitar), to make music based on their favorite bands (Black Sabbath, Pantera, Down, Trouble, Corrosion of Conformity among others). With the same focus, joined the band Rubens de Castro (bass) and Henrique Silva (drums) to make a sound with the 70's roots and nowadays heavy music ... more

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Track Name: Fall in Disgrace
Another day begins
Everything remains the same
You're just full of shit
And make the same mistakes
You have no excuses
For what you've done
Your confusion means nothing, means nothing to me

Personality! You don't have personality. Fall in disgrace!
Personality! You don't have personality.

Another shit happens
Everyone knows who you are
You say,"I'm gonna change"
A mouth with empty lies
You think that you control
Everything you do
You are a true deceiver
We don't need you here

Personality! You don't have personality. Fall in disgrace!
Personality! You don't have personality. Fall in disgrace!


Personality! You don't have personality. Fall in disgrace!
Personality! You don't have personality. Fall in disgrace!
Fall in disgrace!
Track Name: Hate & Pride
A suicide, eliminate
All the bad things that I did
Brutalize, living no life
There is no meaning
Nobody will stop my crimes, this is my law
Insanity is calling me, stronger than all!

No fear, no regrets
This time I wash my hands
Violence, Ignorance
This is how the world ends
I'm proud of my crimes, it's time for war
Insanity is following me, I’m gonna kill them all!

I can't stand so many lies
Can you see anger in my eyes??
You can't bring me down, no more.
Controlling my hate until it explodes

A suicide, pride and hate
From all the bad things that I do
Brutalize is my life
Now I have a meaning
Nobody will stop my way of life, this is my law!
Insanity is part of me, I'll conquer it all!


The only way to fight hate is with more hate!
Track Name: The Shadow
I am no one
I can't see a future for me
Cause I’ve lost myself
And I feel like burning within
I’m broken
My reality seems not exist
I'm just bones and flesh
I’m such a mess

Pre chorus
Thinking in the past
I know what I have left
This insanity keeps transforming me

An invisible man
Without life, without meaning
Nobody can hear
Like a shadow

What have I done?
There is nothing for me here
No one is truly free
We all born to live in a disaster
And the pain just grows inside
I can't stand it again
Am I going insane?

Pre chorus
Chorus 2x

The poison in my veins
Makes me mad, but I want more
I’m losing my mind
I'm dying, I am sure
So faster
Now the pain is my friend
In all these years of decay
'Till my last days

Pre chorus
Chorus 2x
Track Name: (You Need To) Find your Way
You know you have to do
You know you're gonna do
You cannot hide, just pick a side
You need to find your way
No matter what people say
Or you wanna tell me what you like to hear?

There's something inside of me
That cheers me up when I'm falling down
You expect freedom
Trying to be something you will never be
There is no time, for your tears and apologies
You got to live your life
And find your way

The time is running out
And you still haven't learned about
No exit anymore, never had, never will
You better start your prayer, hoping to fall from the sky
Only fools like you believe that


Expand your mind and be yourself
Stop being a trained monkey
In these days that are about to end
Play the game, live to win

The world keeps turning but nothing will change
And you're still asking, what have I done wrong?
Good or evil, you choose your path
This is what makes you someone

You need to find your way
You got to find your way

Stop now! Stop complaining, right now
You need to find your way
Stop now! Grow up, little boy
You need to find your way